ACA WWOC Slalom General Information

The 1999 ACA White Water Open Canoe Nationals will be held in Golden, CO July 10,11 and 12

The Open Canoe Slalom Championship is an annual gathering of some of the best paddlers in the country, with invitations extended to paddlers outside the US. Newcomers wishing to try racing are encouraged to compete providing the whitewater difficulty is within their ability. There will be two canoe categories: a Recreation Class for ABS recreational whitewater canoes; and a Racing Class for specialized racing canoes.

Races will include a 25-gate slalom race designed to test the skills of the best slalom racers while not intimidating inexperienced competitors. A combined event also will be held, which is a downriver race score combined with a slalom race score. The downriver event will be a short race beginning above the slalom race course and ending one half mile downstream in a city park. The course will have practice gates hung prior to the race, and there will be few if any rafts to interfere with practice or race events.

Competitors flying into Denver can easily reach Golden via bus from the Denver International Airport. Local whitewater stores that rent canoes include Alpenglow in Golden (303) 277-0133; Boulder Outdoor Center in Boulder (303) 444-8420; and The Paddle Shop in Boulder (303) 286-8799.

For more information contact Bob Stecker- Phone 8am-6pm MST 303-444-3979

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