Age Classes (age as of Jan 1): Cadet = 16 years of age or younger. Junior = 18 years of age or younger. Senior = 25 years of age or older. Master = 40 years of age or older. Premier = either sex, any age. Mixed=male and female, any age.

Racing rules. Racing rules and boat specifications will follow the American Canoe Association Whitewater Open Canoe Racing Slalom Rules, Effective January 1, 1994.

OC-1, OC-2. An open canoe with ends higher than the middle, propelled with single bladed paddles. OC-1 means one solo paddler; OC-2 means tandem paddlers.

RAC Category. Specialized light weight racing canoes that meet well defined hull length and hull material specifications. Also known as "Formula 14" canoes. No minimum weight requirement.
REC Category. Canoes built and used primarily for recreation, usually made of ABS. Also known as "Formula 16" canoes (the 16% formula will not apply at this race). Minimum weight = 6 pounds plus 3 pounds per foot of length.

Canoe Specifications (for both RAC and REC categories). Length of deck shall not exceed 36 inches, with no part higher than 1 inch above the gunwale. When air bags extend beyond 36-inch decks, they must be deflated to 3 inches below gunwales. Grab loops (at least 6-inch diameter) or safety lines (at least 6-feet long) must be attached to both ends of the canoe. There shall be no devices to remove water other than bailing scoops or sponges. For additional details see above reference to Racing Rules.

Scoring. The final score is the best score of two runs. The penalty for touching a gate is 10 seconds. The penalty for failing to successfully negotiate a gate is 50 seconds. Negotiating a gate means when the head or torso passes between the gate poles. Gates must be run in order (traveling downstream through green gates and upstream through red gates), but touching a previously negotiated gate (a dead gate) does not incur a penalty, nor does touching any subsequent gate (as long as the head or body does not pass between the poles of the subsequent gate).

Awards. National Championship awards will be given to US citizens for selected, major events in both RAC and REC categories. Participation Certificates will be given to all Junior and Cadet competitors. Competitors outside the US who place among the top three will be recognized according to place, but will not be given National Championship awards.

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